Field Herping in Costa Rica is a blog created by Víctor Acosta Chaves, a graduate master biologist from Universidad de Costa Rica. My goal is to share research experiences with colleagues, but also offer personalized services as biologist, consultant and scientific adviser to potential clients including tourists, naturalists, researchers and photographers. In the small Costa Rica occurs more than 207 species of amphibians, 250 species of reptiles, 910 species of birds…come and discover this incredible biodiversity, and our culture, with the guide of local specialists!

Anadia ocellata

If you need more information please feel free of contact me. My short time goal is to upgrade the page platform to a paid version (.com) and create more content. So if you want to support my research and explorations, or the upgrade of the page platform, any donation is more than welcome.

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Víctor Acosta, M.Sc.